Elio Motors

Elio Motors
Price: Around 5,200€

Is a fun-to-drive, supereconomical personal transportation alternative, based on a list of consumerfocused “must-haves” that keep our vehicles affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

While other vehicles make their competitive claims within a few MPGs of one another, they needed Elio to take it to the stratosphere. As they continue to engineer the Elio for up to 84 MPG, they officially have liftoff.

Elio is engineered to the highest safety standards. Each Elio comes equipped with a Safety Management System that includes three airbags – a reinforced roll-cage frame, Anti-Lock Braking System, and 50% larger crush zones than similar vehicles.

It seems like everything just costs more today. Houses, cars, heck, even a gallon of milk and a box of cereal. At Elio Motors, they believe wallets need a break. A new vehicle $6,800 is not just what people want. It’s what they need.