GKD Sport cars

Price: Around 18,000€
Donor car: BMW   343bhp and 800kg

GKD Sports Cars is a British manufacturer of high performance sports cars who supply vehicles fully built or in component form ready for home assembly

GKD Evolution ( First photo, non locost)

The concept and design brief for these models was to ensure that as many parts as possible from the popular BMW 3-series could be utilised to enable the build of affordable, quality, and high performance sports cars without compromising GKD's race proven independent suspension geometry developed from over 50 years of motorsport.

Is a lightweight and high performance  two seat sports car that utilises the proven mechanicals of the BMW 3-series.

Despite its relatively small size and lightweight (less than 800kg) the Evolution has a capacious engine bay that can accommodate a wide range of engines with the initial standard fitment being from BMW’s famous and award winning range of straight 4 and straight 6 engines up to and including the silky smooth 343bhp engine and 6 speed gearbox from the E46 M3.

3.2 L S54 DOHC 24v engined