Isuzu Motors Ltd. (い す ゞ 自動 車 株式会社 Isuzu jidosha Kabushiki-gaisha) was established in Japan in 1939 and in 1948 was already the largest manufacturer of diesel engines in the country. Today Isuzu is one of the manufacturers of the world's largest diesel engines, with a cumulative production of over 16 million units being his preferred by major global automakers for outstanding performance and low consumption engines.

In recent years, the diesel engine has again attracted the attention of drivers for their efficiency and durability. Over the past 66 years, Isuzu Motors Ltd. has devoted most of its research and development to this engine, and is today recognized as a pioneer in technological innovation. The company currently produces about 60 diesel from 1,000 to 30,000 cc for a variety of industrial uses.
Isuzu Vehicross.

Isuzu has a reputation as a manufacturer of pickup trucks and commercial vehicles. The company has a good sales in the markets of North America, China, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Isuzu has also adopted as a first priority the reduction of environmental pollution. Isuzu focuses its energies on developing clean diesel engines that offer a significant reduction in the levels of particulate and gaseous pollutants. The company is devoting all its resources to developing new technologies to further enhance the benefits of diesel engines and high performance, durability and high thermal efficiency