The Korres P4 is a true all terrain vehicle utilizing a suspension design based on the principle of wheel interdependence. The Korres P4 suspension system maximizes the potential this principle has to offer, featuring:
Front-to-back and diagonal wheel interconnection
Ability to mechanically raise or lower the ride height according to the terrain ahead, whilst moving, with the use of a lever in the cockpit
Adjustable overall suspension stiffness when altering vehicle ride height (low=stiff, high=soft)
Unmatched off-road capabilities (for a vehicle with 4 regular-sized wheels)
Reliable and robust mechanical interconnection of wheels through pushrods, levers and flexible units, without the use of electronics or hydro-pneumatic systems
The suspension design’s benefits as proven by tests, are:
Excellent ability to absorb bumps and offer a very smooth ride and great control on extremely uneven surfaces

Precise wheel tracking on extremely rough and uneven terrain
Massively increased grip on slippery or loose surfaces
Extremely high level of axle articulation (suspension flex)
Little roll when cornering
True sports car handling when fully lowered
Very forgiving vehicle dynamics
The whole driveline, including the gearbox-driveshafts-halfshafts and the overall layout, is designed by us in order to complement the suspension’s unique ability to provide increased traction, high speed and extreme off-road driving. Its main features:
Ultra-compact manual synchronized 6-speed gearbox
3 different final ratios, normal (long ratio w/overdrive), sports (medium ratio) and “trial” (extremely short ratio).
All-wheel-drive (AWD), with optional locked 4WD
Optional rear-wheel drive only
The whole driveline design has proved to be incredibly efficient with only 11% power loss in AWD mode, as proven by tests on the dyno.
The result is an everyday car that can be driven fast, easily and safely, providing a unique driving experience in all fields of action!