1000hp @10,000rpm V8

The project has begun in 2008.
It is a work by a Hungarian designer and a Hungarian contractor.
The car itself is a super-car concept, which stepped out of the virtual space and is in the phase of construction.
The name derives from the word 'triangle' because this motif can be found in numerous places on the car.

The construction of the car is being made in Hungary. When the car will be finished, it will be the first Hungarian sport car. With the car a new brand will be born. Designs are already being made for various model versions and types. The engine will be a custom made one. A V8 twinturbo Hayabusa. 1000 Hp, 10,000 rpm.
Race computer, Start automatic, full rear wheel direction. Custom transmission system with F1 shifter system.
All the car and the interior will be custom handmade used by unique materials. There will be only 12 pieces build from this Beast.