Chongqing Baohua

Chongqing Baohua

Chongqing Baohua Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is a big high-tech private enterprise being engaged in research & development, manufacture, import & export business of motorcycle, gasoline engine, mechanical products and real estate etc. "SPRINTCO" is the main brand being used in overseas marketing. All their QC system has been approved in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 standards, as theyll they are the one of the first CCC Approved manufacturers in China.

Sprintco delivers an unprecedented level of quality where it counts most _ on your bikes

Quanlity bikes are Sprintco's core business. Their only business. Since it's been their focus for 15 years, they're able to offer you the sharpest thinking and the most competitive prices on bikes. This unique dedication to global bikes buyers like you puts you on top of your sales. And this passion for perfection makes us the choice of top buyers over the world. They entrust their bikes and their reputations to Sprintco because their designs are the most copied on the market and their quality is the envy of the industry.

When you take a close look at performance, results and after-sales services, it's easy to see why on other domestic suppliers can compete with Sprintco. They not only make more spectacular bikes possible, but they also make them easier to maintain.

Their products and their support network that's second to none have been thoughtfully developed to be with you every step of the way. Factory-trained technicians and back-up service for your personnel help keep you equipped to handle all your replacement parts and service needs quickly and efficiently, which will definitely maximize your bikes' performance and value.