Hamsun (Wuxi Hamsun Autocycle Co., Ltd.)

Is locating in Wuxi city, he electric vehicle production base in China. As a professional electric vehicle manufacturer, to capture market share, Hamsun learn the market and develop the market honestly.
The floor space of the company is 30000sq. M...It's equipped with chassis strength test machine, motor dynamometer, battery tester, low and high temperature test chamber, salt spray test chamber etc. Product line includes electric motorcycle, electric scooter, electric bicycle and off other electric vehicle with lead-acid battery and lithium battery. Including the domestic market, all the electric vehicles are exported to Euro,
Middle East, Southeast Asia and Korea, Japan, etc. Hamsun is commended because of the quality and service.
There are 120 employers including 3 engineers and 20 technicians working together for Hamsun. The managing teams pay more attention to the train for all the employers. All the workers are trained and examined before working in the assembling lines. The technicians are trained by the university and college.
Green power is representative for the future. Hamsun will be international company for the environmental friendly and low-carbon lifestyle.