HAI E3 is a prototype with an interesting innovation introduced: The electric HAI E3 car with wheel hub motor.

Haidlmair and their project partners have created a vehicle under project motto of “Efficiency + Emotion + Energy awareness”. With 2 x 60 kW actual power output from 3-phase permanent magnet motors, a top speed of about 130 km/h, a range of approximately 150 kilometres and charging times of between one (80 %) and eight hours for the lithium polymer batteries, the HAI E3 represents an emission-free transport alternative for short distances. According to the founder of the company, Josef Haidlmair, “we were motivated to undertake such a challenging project by the realisation of the diverse technical potential of electric drives and the resulting possibilities of their usage in car manufacture”.

Equip two units 3-phase permanent magnetic motor in each of the rear wheel rims. Lithium polymer batteries, no transmission gear, rear drive.