European Importer

China Automobile Automobile 2008 France introduced the World's a prototype of a 100% electric city called CHIKA.

Through this vehicle, Abchée Albert, Director of China Automobile France wished to formalize its partnership with the Chinese designer, LI Shi Guang Ming.

 This designer who designed the CHIKA, will be responsible for designing and drawing adapted for the account of, China Automobile France, many Chinese vehicles to Europe.

            The CHIKA thus a 100% electric city, developing an output of 4kW (without license) having a range of 150 kms with acid batteries and 300 km with Lithium batteries for a limited-speed 50km / h. Lithium batteries are rechargeable 100% in 8 hours.

  The final version of the CHIKA to be sold or leased to the choice was launched in 2011.