Mezcal ( APC )

Arab Emirates
Military and civilian version

Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) produced by Mezcal Security Vehicles are ideal choice for military, homeland security, law enforcement, convoy, peacekeeping, border patrol and other low intensity operations. In addition to low profile light armored vehicles, Mezcal offers a wide range of armored personnel carriers (APCs) based on various truck chassis. Mezcal's Armored Personnel Carrier provides superior level of ballistic protection and blast resistance, with advanced off-road capability.

APCs feature full body armoring with certified ballistic steel and is designed to resist external ballistic threats from any angle and also integrates a V-hull design which increases vehicle and crew survivability by deflecting an upward directed blast from a landmine.

Other than being good looking, Mezcal APCs offer superior mobility over rough terrains and protects passengers in high-threat environments in any conditions. Mezcal APCs are available in different seating configurations (6 men to 16 men).

YGRA is based on Toyota 79 Series chassis. The TYGRA is designed for use in urban and cross country patrol, border security and personnel movement situations (APC) for driver and commander plus up to 6 crew with ample room for mission equipment. The TYGRA comes in various body configurations and provides protection against assault rifles to levels CEN1063/1522/BR6/FB6 or BR7/FB7 and against the explosion of 2 x DM51 hand-grenades under the floor.