LeSEE is the first ever concept car from LeEco and was designed to showcase what the future of mobility could look like. It is not just a car, but the first mobility ecosystem on wheels.

External Digital Display
The vehicle’s exterior features an array of iconic light projections that shift between five distinct colors, signifying when a different drive mode is selected. Depending on the emitted color, the car will inform drivers and pedestrians when the vehicle is driving autonomously, sees a hazard, is charging, or is car-share ready.

Front & Rear Projections
When encountering different environmental obstacles, the fascias on the front and rear of the vehicle will illuminate with an animated hazard display. For example, if a pedestrian passes in front of LeSEE, their silhouette will be digitally traced and projected on the vehicle’s rear fascia – informing other drivers of their precise position. The front and rear fascias slide open, functioning as secure front and rear storage cabinets.

Adaptive Control
When the user engages the vehicle’s Autonomous Mode, the steering wheel elegantly folds and retracts into the instrument panel, allowing for more room to relax and enjoy the journey

Intelligent Seating
Rear passengers enjoy LeSEE’s adaptive seat structure with its innovative lumbar support system. An intelligent layered seating design with special materials senses the occupants’ contour and adjusts each layer to a perfect fit, allowing the user to set and save their own seating position beyond the rigid constraints present in today’s pre-designed car seats.

Dynamic Armrests
Hidden armrests are integrated into the layered door trim and between the seats, and deployable trays emerge with cup holders and inductive charging surfaces for mobile devices.

Ambient Light and projection
LeSEE uses programmable and personalized ambient light to surround its occupants and promote calming or rejuvenation.

Magnetic Charging Station
LeSEE uses inductive charging technology – featuring a simple and seamless magnetic charging zones without the hassle of flaps or doors. The charger connection is available on both sides, convenient for charging stations in all positons of the parking zones.

LeEco Entertainment Lounge
LeSEE incorporates all options and content available from LeEco – available for you wherever you go. Five in-car screens are customized to your LeID preferences. Three of the screens offer a personalized and constantly updated selection of curated content.