After 7 years in the making, and winner of countless design & car of the year awards, the V-Storm WR3 Kit Car has come into new ownership at the hands of DJC Kit Cars and has continued to develop. DJC Kit Cars is committed to bringing the V-Storm back into immediate production.

The V-Storm WR3 is a cleverly thought out concept, with its exoskeleton chassis and central driving position the V-Storm WR3 offers a highly individual & exhilarating driving experience. The novelty of the three-seat layout teamed with its radical styling gives the V-Storm immediate appeal with its distinctive features. The V-Storm was astonishingly accomplished, with a sophisticated ride, superb handling, big power, great Scooby sound track and of course, its majestic central driving position. Above all, the V-storm is an incredibly exciting car to drive.

With its exoskeleton chassis and roll bar triangulated back into the chassis for strength, it’s easy to identify the main structure as a multi-tubular spaceframe made up of a variety of different diameter and gauge round tubes. The designers experience with MIRA means that the specification of these tubes has been carefully considered from a safety perspective, as well as the more obvious objectives of torsional stiffness, strength & lightness.