The TerraCraft supertrike intelligently determines how many people are on board and the center of mass, how fast you are going, the angle of the turn you are making, the g-forces that are being incurred and external environmental conditions the vehicle is experiencing, then will automatically tilt the vehicle so you grip the turn, stay balanced and carve through the turns even during acceleration. The ILCS system coupled with the aerospace technology, independent steering, hardware and science make the TerraCraft the extreme exotic super-trike that rides like a bike.
Each TerraCraft vehicle uses a distributed, lean by wire processing approach. The sensing and control algorithms are shared across a variety of embedded processors and custom programmed logic arrays which are connected by a proprietary TerraCraft Motors Inc. serial bus.
The TerraCraft bus, based on military signals intelligence protocols and lessons learned from NASA's deep space communication systems, is 10 times faster than the popular CAN bus used in the automotive industry, is virtually immune to errors and perhaps most important, this proprietary technology is immune to hacking

Interactive Lean Control System (ILCS)
The Interactive Lean Control System (ILCS) is an exclusive TerraCraft Motors Inc., patent pending technology. The ILCS is a bionic, electromechanical system that senses human leaning movements and motions while comparing it with multiple electronic sensing and kinematic systems. Alternatively the bionic controls can be turned off for fully automatic ILCS lean control.