Magnum Engineering is a small, specialist auto engineering company with over 20 years of experience in the design, modification and manufacture of motor vehicles for road and competition use.

Each vehicle is hand built using the most effective materials currently available, to produce one of the most outstanding examples of the classic Cobra recreation genre. The Magnum 427SF is true to these classic roots but not slavishly so. The chassis design combines years of practical race and road experience with computer modeling calculations resulting in an advanced lightweight tubular spaceframe, enveloped by a Kevlar reinforced composite bodyshell, producing an exceptional combination of high strength and low weight. This specification includes front and rear crumple zones coupled with a choice of structurally integrated rollover bars, thus ensuring maximum protection for the driver and passenger. Particular attention has been given to make the Magnum corrosion resistant by having the chassis powder coated in satin black finish as standard and internally wax oil injected.

Aerodynamic refinement can be found on the floor pan of the vehicle and the underside has no protrusions of any kind to interfere with airflow. The exhausts are smoothly integrated along the sides of the body.