XPeng Motors

XPeng Motors


The first type of Xiaopeng Motor's product is an electric SUV featured with high-tech, intelligent and stylish characteristics. It has powerful acceleration performance and considerable mileage. Equipped with multiple intelligent hardware and driving functions, Xiaopeng motor is both interesting and distinctive.

LCD Instrument
A 12.3 inches LCD, is adopted in the instrument, which is a categorical improvement on conventional dashboard design. It provides outstanding display effect and diverse functions. In addition, the user can customize the content to display according to his/her own habit.

Intelligent Central Touchscreen
The 1080P HD display, 15.6 inches touchscreen and the top grade 8-core platform control most of the car’s functions and provide the intelligent entertainment system, combined with navigation, music and bluetooth phone, etc. In addition, users can download and install various applications authorized by the Xiaopeng Motor's Official through OTA.

Remote Control
Turning on the air-condition, controlling the charge, checking vehicle conditions, locating the car and navigation, taking and sharing photos all happen with a mobile client APP. Your car is always beside you!

Intelligent Driving in City
During low speed driving, Xiaopeng motor can follow the front car autonomously. When you encounter a narrow parking space, it can park itself smoothly . If it is not convenient to get into the car, user can summon the car in distance by using keys or the Car Owner APP.

Camera On the Roof
The cars are equipped with HD camera for photography and video recording. Suitable position & angle and prompt action are all users need every time they find beautiful scenery on the way. With camera on the car roof, users can photograph and share, recording their own wonderful memories.