The first-ever Smart Intuitive Vehicle. 

The main purpose of a car has always been dictated by its body type. For too long, the entire automotive industry has been living on the fringes of the digital world. With BYTON, these times are over. We will set the stage for a new type of vehicle in which life never stops: the Smart Intuitive Vehicle. What defines the relevance of an SIV is its genuine capability to seamlessly connect all its occupants with each other and with the outside world. Finally, the SIV reconnects the car to our times.

Turning miles into smiles. 

A smart device should offer you a simple way of interacting with your family and friends. At BYTON, we constantly question the many ways we communicate with technology and strive to make these interactions more natural. We are developing a revolutionary user interface that feels more integrated, more connected and more human. Your car will recognize your face, understand your voice and read your hand gesture. It will anticipate your needs, intuitively making suggestions based on your location or entertainment preferences. By encompassing all these dimensions, your BYTON will allow you to make the best out of your precious time.

Launching the fastest car on the data highway. 

Every minute, there are 3 million videos watched on YouTube, 4 million search queries submitted on Google and 150 million emails sent all over the world. How many of these do you seamlessly perform in the car? With BYTON you will.  
Your BYTON will move you to the leading edge of connected mobility. It will be equipped with a completely novel system. It will provide you with a constant connection with a bandwidth of up to 1000Mb/s, five times higher than any conventional system. In a BYTON, all occupants will enjoy the same level of seamless internet connectivity and digital services. You will be able to simultaneously stream your favorite TV shows, get work done, video chat, play online videogames and so much more. This is a decisive leap forward which ensures that life continues in the car.

Introducing a revolutionary digital platform. 

At BYTON, innovation matters most if it is directly valuable to your life. We are developing a new application that will connect you to the most relevant information, people and services, both inside and outside the car. Be among the first ones to join a new movement and register your interest by signing up.


Turning boredom into freedom. 

No matter your destination, how much of your time on the road do you really enjoy? We believe that no one was born for sitting still and killing time. By leading the transition towards fully autonomous mobility and offering you the freedom to do what you want in your car, your BYTON will empower your life.

Enjoy automated driving with peace of mind. 

Right from the start, your BYTON will perceive more than what a human being will ever do. Our car will have far more than just a pair of eyes on the road. It will be able to look in more than one direction at a time, through fog and at night. It will have sharpened senses to hear and feel what is happening around you, even beyond your immediate surroundings. Using its extensive memory, it will continuously analyze vast amount of data to anticipate risks, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Your BYTON will not only scan its environment, it will also communicate with it and learn from other BYTON vehicles.

Like most cars today, your BYTON can read traffic signs, follow the flow of cars ahead and monitor blind spots. What makes BYTON truly outstanding is its combination of unique sensor configuration, advanced image processing, integrated data management and cutting-edge connectivity. This setup will ensure both short and long-range safety, no matter if the car is moving or not. It will also allow BYTON to introduce Level IV autonomy features right from the beginning and pave the way to an extensive array of improvements in the years ahead.


Increasing the range of comfort. 

It might appear that 2019 is just around the corner, but rest assured technology will surge forward by then. The range of electric vehicles will significantly increase in the coming years and BYTON will be at the forefront of this movement. But only increasing range is not enough. That is why BYTON will introduce a set of technological enhancements and ingenious solutions to really make a difference, transforming electric mobility into quality time.

A big step forward with a smaller environmental footprint. 

Even a battery with a range of more than 300 miles (500 km) needs recharging. In order to experience time efficiency similar to a combustion car, charging times need further reduction. That is exactly what we are about to achieve. In the time it takes you to enjoy a cup of coffee, the battery will get enough charge for a whole week of urban commuting. With BYTON, you will truly experience carefree electric mobility.
Additionally, we are perfecting ways of keeping our batteries at their optimal efficiency level, so that energy can be saved and used for moving you further. Complemented with advanced aerodynamics, weight reduction and enhanced energy management, your BYTON will make the biggest step forward with a small environmental footprint.