Price: Around 72,000€
Acquired by Ginetta

Farboud, since September 2007 Farbio is a British car manufacturer, founded in 2004 by Arash Farboud.

The British decided to sell his company to set up a sports car brand, after he could not buy a Ferrari Enzo. Farbouds first car was the GT, a car that seemed somewhat at a Porsche GT1. The car had a V6 with twin turbochargers. Porsche took the design much like her GT1 and the car was hastily restyled. The ensuing common prototype, the GTS was a fairly compact car with a strong engine 580pk. Yet the adventure had cost a lot of money. There had to get a sponsor to help the brand from the fire. They changed the engine and some expensive items, which one hopes the car late August 2006 to deliver to customers.

Arash Farboud itself was not pleased me and started his own brand, Arash.