China  &

Owner of
  - Beiqi Futian Motor   
(founded in 1996)                       
  -  Forland    (founded in 1996)
  - Rowor  ( founded in 2012)


SSS (Super Seven Stars Motor Industry) was founded in 1993 and imported Japanese used vehicles. From 2003, making CKD cars Foton began, Hyundai, Kia and Kinglong. Under the brand SSS vans and truck pads made that are made under license.

The firm Master Group of Industries was founded in 1963. The Master Motor Corporation Ltd. was founded in 2002 as a sister company and assembles alongside trucks and buses of the Foton, Mitsubishi Fuso, Yuejin and Volkswagen sold partly under the brand name Master.

Bison - The firm Angka-Tan Engine import vehicles Foton in Malaysia features the brand Bison.