Replicas Index

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Brands that produce replicas of these cars are listed.
As there are brands that produce more than one model and I've only uploaded a photograph per brand, so the image doesn't have to correspond to the model you have been looking,
although it's manufactured by the brand

If you would like information on the prediction of the line models from other brands or models that are oversaturated and which have an unmet demand, just send me a message:

AMERICAN (Shelby and others)

Shelby Cobra 

        Shelby Daytona       

    Ford GT40




Ferrari P4   

         Ferrari GTO'88    

             Ferrari GTO'62 

Ferrari California                                                                                       

Ferrari 246 Dino         246 Dino Replica

Ferrari Daytona        Daytona Replica

Ferrari F40                              F40 Replica


Porsche 917

                Porsche 550

             Porsche 356

Porsche 904                 

Porsche 718                                               


Jaguar C Type

                Jaguar D Type

              Jaguar Type E

Jaguar XJ13  

              Jaguar XJ120

            Jaguar XKSS

Jaguar SS100                 Jaguar SS100 Replica


Lola T70

        Mercedes 300SL

Alfa Romeo

        Aston Martin DBR1

            Austin Healey   

        Ford RS200   

Lancia Stratos

          Morgan 3 Wheeler                

Other classic replicas (Bentleys 1/2 Litre, Bugatti Atlantic...)

Classic Barchetta Replica

Contemporary sports car replica (Lamborghini diablo, countach, ferraris..)

Bentley Speed 8                                                                    

Porsche 718 Replica