Lil Big Rig

Lil Big Rig

Price: 9.000€ to 18,000€

The Lil Pete is a very comprehensive and complete body assembly. The components are pre-assembled, for your convenience and for easy assembly.  The cabin sleeper unit is pre-assembled complete with floor, with the mounts set out and drilled to fit the existing mount locations on the designated model of pickup.  The door assemblies including power windows are mounted to the cabin unit and adjusted. The dashboard is pre-fitted. A rectangular steel tube is fitted behind the dashboard and steel reinforcement is included to mount the brake booster and steering column.  The rear and side sleeper window options are pre-installed, as is the sleeper door assembly option, if ordered with the body assembly. The windshield is installed without the trim.  Four 7/16" dia bolts are all that is required to mount the cab assembly to the original pickup mounts.

The best models for donors are '94 to early '98 (old body style) Ford F250/350 extended cab, long box @ 155" wheel base or crew cab, long box @ 168" wheel base; with a 7.3L Powerstorke diesel and auto transmission, 2 wheel drive and single wheel rear drive.