All Daytona Sports Cars Coupe's are individually constructed vehicles with detail specifications relative to the intended use. As a competition car, the Daytona Sports Cars Coupe already comply to all current (2010) A.D.R, C.A.M.S. and FIA certifications, and can be used to compete in most Marque Sports Racing events, Hillclimbs and Tarmac Rally events.

As an Australian road registered vehicle, the car must comply to the requirements of the A.D.R. (Australian Design Rules ) and additionally, to the requirements as an I.C.V. ( Independently Constructed Vehicle )

The Daytona Sports Cars Coupe's combine expert fabricated chassis and suspension components, with current emission compliant General Motors Holden engines, in-house designed and developed rear uprights and differential, race quality brakes, laser cut aluminium and stainless steel panels, and highest quality glass and carbon fibre composite panels.

With an options list including; Air conditioning, Holinger H-pattern or sequential gearbox, analogue or MoTeC digital instrumentation, fibreglass or carbonfibre bodywork, power steering, and modern or period style wheels.