Man Motorsport (Rush)

Man Motorsport (Rush)

The latest generation of the Rush. With a new, race designed tube chassis, completely redesigned from the ground up and built to take the tallest of drivers, complete with an adjustable pedal box, BMW M3 3.2 Engine, 6 speed BMW gearbox, diff, front hubs and brakes, BMW rear arms modified onto our axle with BMW electronic handbrake calipers, BMW fully adjustable steering column and switches, lane pass on indicators, full body control module.

Other options include Ford engine and gearbox, Honda engine and gearbox, and even the option to have a Honda engine complete with a Rotrex supercharger, and quaife gearbox with flatshifter system!

There are only a limited number of build slots available, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fully redesigned tube chassis, giving a reduced weight by 20 per cent, while increasing rigidity by 30 per cent. This not only makes the car faster, through being lighter, but also improves the handling, by ensuring the geometry remains as should, rather than flexing.

Their  BMW based cars use more than just the BMW engine and gearbox. They're built so that, if you wish, you can take the car into a BMW main dealer, and they can plug the car in and scan for faults as if it was straight out of their showroom.