Daily Cars Index

Urban car
Urban car
All trademarks are focused on daily cars, family cars, etc. 

Here you can find a selection of daily vehicles that are similar to any of the common brands.  Vehicles with fiberglass bodies are not considered in this category. To be included in this category, the cars have to possess technology similar to any conventional vehicle. Neither are considered prototypes without immediate commercial intention. It is a category more related to marketing than to technology. These are generally large companies and often have a wide variety of vehicles. Most well-known brands are not included, only those less known to the general public in Europe. Therefore, some large Chinese brands are included

If you want to see compact cars click here!  (no wellknown exotic brands)

Exotics four seater 

Small City Cars
Small City car

Daily cars, but only micro and small cars designed for the city

Electric car
Electric car

If you want to see only the sport electric cars,  click here!                

Connected cars

Pickup cars                              


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